ASAM e-Course Benefits

Reliable & Valid Source of ASAM Training

Generally, there is little to no accountability for trainers, educators, and/or the organizations that provide training on the ASAM Criteria, and other subject matter, or interventions in the Behavioral Health Care field.  As a result there are many who do so, and only a few who are effective.

The ASAM e- Course is evidence based and effective. It works! It teaches learners how to make more informed dimension risk ratings and level of care recommendations using  the criteria, as well as how to write clinical justifications for those decisions. Treatment programs, research institutes, and criminal justice organizations now have access to a reliable and valid source of ASAM training 24/7, 365 days a year.

Easily Accessible

Accessing training workshops on ASAM when you need them can be difficult and costly. ASAM e-course provides individuals and organizations real time access 24/7, 365 days a year, or for the life of the subscription to ASAM training content, opportunities to practice, and performance feedback. Real Time access means individuals and organizations will;

  • No longer be dependent on when or where ASAM Training Workshops are being offered.
  • No longer have to limit staff attendance to insure coverage in the treatment center.
  • No longer have to align staff schedules with training calendars.
  • No longer leave standard workshops not knowing whether or not, or to what degree they have successfully acquired new knowledge and skills.
  • Have access to the training content, additional opportunities to practice and performance feedback.

Ongoing access to ASAM training content, opportunities to practice, and performance feedback supports and reinforces learning, transfer, and maintenance of learning transferred to the workplace.

Cost Effective

The ASAM e-Course greatly reduces time and costs associated with standard pre-training coordination, training delivery, and post training follow up. Cost for training materials e.g., handouts, exercises, manuals, and evaluations can be downloaded directly to the learners computer, reducing the cost of printing, and contributing to a cleaner and greener environment. Cost associated with travel, lodging, and meals are eliminated.

Evidenced Based

The content and methods incorporated into ASAM e-Course are based on a proven and effective ASAM training curriculum, and Dr. Coyne and colleagues 20 years of experience providing training on ASAM in the addictions, mental health and criminal justice fields.

The ASAM e-Course format and functionality is based on, and guided by Evidenced Based Adult Learning Principles and Practices e.g., goal setting, learning contracts, behavioral modeling, opportunities to practice, pre and post learning measures and performance feedback. Research indicates that performance feedback and opportunities to practice during and following training enhances learning, and supports the generalization and maintenance of learning in the workplace.

Improves Learning Outcomes

The evidenced based adult learning practices and principles incorporated into the design of ASAM e-Course facilitates improved learning outcomes, i.e., learning, the transfer of learning back to the workplace, and the maintenance of learning transferred back to the workplace.

  • Learning: the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
  • Learning Transfer: the effective application of new knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) learned as a result of training, that are successfully transferred to the workplace.
  • Maintenance of Learning Transferred: can be defined as the continued effective application of knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) learned as a result of training that are successfully transferred to, and maintained in the workplace over time.

The acquisition, transfer and maintenance of the knowledge and skills required to administer the ASAM correctly can lead to;

  • More Comprehensive and Accurate Assessments
  • More Informed Patient Placement Decisions
  • More Informed Treatment Planning
  • Increased initiation, engagement & retention rates
  • Improved treatment outcomes.

Evidence Based – Proven Effective – Designed for Transfer