ASI e-Course

The ASI e-Course, ASI Training Online

An Effective, evidence based source of ASI Training

  • Learn how to administer and clinically interpet the ASI correctly
  • Learn how the ASI informs ASAM’s six dimensions and more

Flexible and Comprehensive

  • Easily Accessible 24 – 7, 365 days a year
  • More details, content, practice opportunities, performance feedback, and support materials than standard onsite ASI workshops.

Supports the Transfer of Learning Back to the Workplace

Improve Performance, Improve Outcomes! 

The e-course provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and support materials required to correctly administer the ASI, and utilize the information collected clinically to inform diagnosis and diagnostic impressions using the DSM-5, level of care recommendations using the ASAM Criteria, criminogenic risk assessments and treatment planning.

While, understanding the relationship of the information collected using the ASI to these clinical tasks is important, it is often a missing component of standard two and three day onsite ASI training workshops. Teaching clinicians and counselors how to administer the ASI, without teaching them the clinical significance of the information collected, results in a workforce focused on filling in boxes and completing mandated paper work that has little to no value to them.

The ASI E-Course course is an evidenced based and proven effective adult learning solution that leverages the advantages of web based training, while incorporating the content and methods of a proven and effective ASI curriculum developed to train interviewers on the correct administration of the ASI.

The course is comprehensive, and provides more details, content, practice opportunities, performance feedback, and support materials than is possible during standard two & three day ASI workshops. In addition, and more importantly, it is effective in achieving intended learning outcomes, which includes supporting the transfer and maintenance of newly learned knowledge and skills back in the workplace. After all the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, and attitudes have little to no influence on an organization’s performance and outcomes, if they are not transferred to, and maintained in the workplace.

As of this time, the course has been used by individuals and organizations in 14 states and three countries. The types of organizations using the course include Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Providers, Substance Abuse Research Organizations, Drug Courts, Probation, Parole and Single State Behavioral Health Agencies.

The length of the subscriptions allow for knowledge and skill development over time, after all learning is a process, not an event. Subscriptions enable the learner to return to the course content for reference whenever they need to, reinforcing the knowledge acquired, and supporting the transfer and maintenance of that knowledge in the workplace. Learners can continue to access the course content, quizzes and learning measures to evaluate their retention of knowledge over time. The results help the learner identify and focus on the knowledge areas that need improvement.

When you think about most standard 1, 2 and even 3 day workshops on ASI or any topic for that matter, once the workshop is over, it’s over. There are no opportunities for you to access the trainer and/or the content that he provided. So basically, once you leave the workshop you are on your own implementing what it is you think you learned.

We provide two types of certificates of completion; both indicate that you have completed the course and the amount of continuing education units (CEU’s) you receive, (unfortunately this is all that is required by most states) however, only one certificate indicates that the learner has successfully demonstrated the acquisition of the knowledge required to correctly administer the ASI. The link below will take you to an example of that certificate.

The Course Includes End of Sections Reviews and Pre & Post Course Learning Measures. Learners are provided immediate Performance Feedback when an incorrect answer is chosen.

Evidence Based – Proven Effective – Designed For Transfer