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The Addiction Severity Index (ASI) is a standardized, semi-structured, multi-dimensional screening and assessment instrument used to establish the nature and severity of possible Medical, Employment, Drug, Alcohol, Legal, Family/ Social, and/or Psychiatric Problems a person may present with. The information collected using the ASI has clinical, program evaluation and research utility. It is one of the most widely used assessment tools in the world.

Many states require or mandate training on the instrument to become “an approved or certified user”, however, few monitor or measure the effectiveness of the training, or the trainees performance upon returning to the workplace. This lack of accountability has lead to the creation of a workforce that is unaware as to whether they are using the tool correctly or not. 

While many interviewers are skilled at asking the questions in the ASI, they are not as skilled or knowledgeable regarding the clinical significance and interpretation of the answers to those questions. Completion of the workshop will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and support materials required to administer and use the ASI more effectively in their clinical settings, and to better understand the relationship and functionality of data collected with the ASI to making substance use disorder diagnosis or diagnostic impressions using the DSM-5, level of care recommendations using the ASAM Criteria, assessing criminogenic risk, screening for trauma and treatment planning.

Understanding the relationship and functionality of the information collected using the ASI to these clinical tasks is important, however, more often than not it is a missing component of standard two day ASI training workshops. Teaching clinicians and counselors how to administer the ASI, without teaching them the clinical significance of the information collected, results in a workforce focused on filling in boxes and completing mandated paper work that has little to no value to them.

This blended learning workshop i.e., the use of the ASI e-Course both before and after the onsite ASI training workshop  provides participants with continued access to content, support materials, quizzes, learning measures and performance feedback. These features along with the evidence based adult learning practices incorporated into the onsite and online courses increases learning and supports the successful transfer and maintenance of learning in the workplace. 

Contrary to most workshops, upon completion of the blended learning process participants know whether they are using the tool correctly or not, and know what areas need continued focus in order to correctly administer the ASI instrument, and better utilize the information collected clinically to inform diagnosis and diagnostic impressions using the DSM-5, level of care recommendations using the ASAM Criteria, criminogenic risk assessments and treatment planning.

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If you are not sure if you, or your staff need training, re-training or a booster, contact us and we can discuss having them evaluated. 

Blended Learning & Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)

  • Participants who complete the onsite ASI workshop will receive 13 CEU’s.
  • Participants who successfully complete all of the requirements of the online ASI e-course within 30 days of the end of the ASI onsite workshop will earn up to and additional 20 CEU’s. 
  • Successful completion of the ASI e-course includes; completion within 30 days of completing the ASI onsite workshop, the pre and post course learning measures, the ASI Knowledge and Skill Self Assessment (KSSA), the Learning Contract and all online ASI e-Course modules.

Workshop Policy, Procedures & Expectations

  1. Register for the onsite workshop.
  2. Within 24 – 48 hours of receiving the confirmation of your registration we will send you an email with the following information; a link to the ASI Workshop Participant Needs Assessment Survey to be completed prior to attending the workshop, and some articles and other materials related to the ASI for your resource library.
  3. Attend the onsite ASI Workshop.
  4. Upon completion of the ASI Onsite Workshop you will be provided a 3 Month subscription to the ASI e-Course. If you successfully complete the ASI e-Course within 30 days of the completion of the onsite workshop, you will earn an additional 20 CEU’s.

In order to receive continuing education units CEU’s,  participants are required to attend the workshop(s) on time, and not leave prior to the conclusion of the workshop(s). All workshops will begin at 08:30 am and end at 04:30pm.


To develop and/or enhance the knowledge and skills required to correctly administer the Addiction Severity Index (ASI), and utilize the data collected for making substance use disorder diagnosis, diagnostic impressions, level of care recommendations; assessing criminogenic risk and treatment planning.


Participants will be able to;

  • Identify and explain the purpose and clinical significance of the Addiction Severity Index.
  • Identify and explain the purpose and clinical significance of each of the seven sections of the ASI.
  • Demonstrate how to introduce the ASI interview and each of the seven sections to the client.
  • Identify and explain the purpose and clinical significance of the items in each section of the ASI.
  • Demonstrate how to phrase each question in the most efficient way while remaining flexible enough to adapt the instrument to make it more gender, cultural and population sensitive.
  • Identify the recommended probes and additional questions to augment the items in the ASI, and the information provided by the client.
  • Identify and explain the coding conventions to correctly code client’s responses to each item in the section.
  • Identify the common errors made when interviewing and / or coding client’s responses.
  • Identify the recommended items and other information used to verify self-report through the use of cross checking.
  • Demonstrate how to utilize the interviewer severity rating procedure.
  • Understand and explain the relationship and functionality of the ASI to;
    1. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) criteria for substance abuse and dependence.
    2. ASAM’s six dimensions of assessment.
    3. Assessing criminogenic risk
    4. Screening for Trauma
    5. Treatment planning

Professional and/or Career Relevancy

Learning how to administer and use the ASI correctly is a very marketable skill that should be included on all participants’ resumes. The ASI is currently in use in approximately 35 states, countless more counties, cities and regions. The interviewing skills emphasized and learned during this workshop can be applied to many other instruments currently used in the Substance Abuse Treatment field. Whether one is actively administering the ASI, or is the recipient of the clinical information collected, this course will increase your understanding of the ASI, as well as clinical significance of the data collected with it.  

Organizational Outcomes

Treatment organizations, and agencies who have skilled, and competent ASI interviewers on their staff are better equipped to meet the many requirements and mandates being put into place in the behavioral health care field regarding screening, assessment and patient placement.

Employing skilled and competent ASI interviewers who consistently administer the ASI correctly, and understand the clinical significance of the data collected with it, can lead to:

  • A positive transference toward the interviewer, organization and treatment.
  • More comprehensive and accurate assessments
  • More informed clinical decisions
  • More informed treatment planning
  • Increased treatment initiation, engagement and retention rates
  • Improved treatment outcomes.