CASI Software

The initial CASI software was developed and installed on desk top computers allowing for the administration of the CASI simultaneously while interviewing. This software has since been integrated into a web base version for administration on the web, hence the web based CASI.

The Web Based CASI’s automated data collection system enables direct entry of data during the semi-structured interview, includes immediate validation and consistency checks, and results in immediate database without the need for data entry time and cost. it produces immediate storage and retrieval of data creating clinical reports immediately after the interview for feedback to clinicians, court staff etc.

Brief clinical reports provide for the efficient perusal of issues requiring immediate attention and comprehensive clinical reports provide a 4 to 6 page clinical narrative indicating the clinical condition and service needs of the youth. within each life area, the interviewer can type in free text in the form of comments. these comments are stored in printed following each section within the printed reports. a signature page and free text for interviewer recommendations rounds out the reports. clinical staff had the ability to modify the computer-generated report. these reports include information that can immediately assist in level of care decisions, informed the triage of adolescence to appropriate placements, and aid in the development of treatment plants. use of the web-based CASI can facilitate clinical and administrative decision-making and program/system referral. data sets can be analyzed and used in grant applications and funder required reports, to evaluate effectiveness, and to make empirically-based programmatic changes.


CASI Licensing Options    (We Host)
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CASI Licensing Options    (You Host)
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To license the web-based CASI, the following are required:

  • CASI License Agreement
  • CASI User Agreement for each Agency, State, Individual
  • Agency or State set up form
  • CASI Training, utilizing a blended learning approach, leveraging the advantages of both onsite and online learning. The blended learning approach incorporates      evidence based adult learning principles, practices and interventions      designed to enhance learning, and support the transfer and maintenance of      learning back to the workplace.  Subscriptions to the CASI E-Course, CASI Training Online are included in the training cost proposal.
  • CASI Data Sharing Agreement (Optional)


An instruction manual with scoring informationcomprehensively reviews important administration issues, defines the intent behind each CASI item, provides examples for item coding and scoring, and summarizes key scoring algorithms.

A brief reference manual accompanies the instruction manual and concisely identifies and addresses common questions and errors.

A strengths manual summarizes the array of strength-based information within and between CASI modules.

A scoring manual summarizes the various approaches to CASI scoring and includes a computer disk that provides the user with SAS code to score the clinical and monitoring factors and the subscales within each.

A quality assurance manual reviews the tasks needed to maintain interviewer consistency and reduce drift from standard assessment practices